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Audio Section

This section will feature completed and mixed songs. These will also appear on my SoundCloud page. If you want to download my songs in full resolution audio, please - contact me and/or consider making a donation to keep me doing what I love doing most - creating music. If you contact me, I will provide a link to the lossless audio format of your choice. I highly appreciate your donations! 

'Conjecture Views' released on 5th September!

'Early Warning' released!

'Crash Retrieval' released!

'Breakdown - Breakthrough - Breakout' released!

'Are You Sirius?' released!

'Enochian Calls' released!

Here you will find a few play throughs of me performing a few snippets of tracks I worked on in the past. Some of these clips ended up in songs, others are still awaiting a home to reside in or still need to be revisited/reworked. 

Ben van Geest - 'Crash Retrieval' (Guitar Playthrough)

Ben van Geest - Excerpt New Track Recording

Ben van Geest - Solo Practice Session  

Ben van Geest - Tetrahedron 

You can find more videos on my YouTube channel here or just use the icons on the About page in the Social Media section and on the Contact page.