My name is Ben van Geest and I’m a Dutch musician/composer and arranger. I'm playing guitar as my main instrument, but I also play drums, bass and keyboards to be able to write and record my songs. I'm a completely self-taught musician and have been playing guitar since the age of six. My musical preferences back then were 'limited' to heavy metal music almost exclusively, although I was raised with progressive rock music as well.

My love for bands like Rush, Yes, Genesis and Saga really started to re-emerge during my teenage years and blossomed when I reached my twenties which during that time I got introduced to Dream Theater who somehow managed to fuse the two worlds - progressive rock and metal music together in a very melodic fashion. 
Later on when I grew older I discovered Steven Wilson and Porcupine Tree, perhaps the greatest influence on me personally and on my song writing in general.

I'm still influenced by a few metal bands to this day. One of the most exciting heavy bands, in my humble opinion, are Meshuggah from Sweden, and you might hear this influence in some snippets of my music. I even played an 8-string guitar for some time, but got more and more drawn to '70s progressive music again with Moog synthesisers, Fender Rhodes and mellotrons, along with some fusion/jazzy arrangements. You will hear much of the love for these instruments and style back in my songs as well.

To summarise: It speaks for itself that the aforementioned bands and artists (and lots more!) heavily influenced me as a musician and song writer. 

If you’re interested and like the ideas and music that I’m presenting here on this website and/or want to hire me as a session musician, please - don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you for your interest!